Undergraduate Education

Feature 1
Study three energy fields key to meeting society’s needs

  • Next-Generation Infrastructure Energy field :
    Learn how energy can build a sustainable and carbon-free society.
  • Life Device Energy field :
    Learn about medical sensors and devices that enable convenience and comfort in our lives, and about new energy technologies that mimic the natural phenomena of living organisms.
  • Material Creation field :
    Study new substances and materials that spur innovations in energy technology.

Feature 2
Put your strong subjects (physics, chemistry, biology) into action

All science subjects eventually tie in to energy and materials, so you can focus on and improve your strong subjects and apply them in your university studies.

Feature 3
A curriculum that helps you find and develop your strengths

  • Learn the fundamentals of physics, chemistry, and biology once you enter university.
  • Learn all the fundamentals of three energy fields.
  • Continue by delving deeper into a field of your choice.

Curriculum stresses synergy among the 3 fields

Curriculum allows you to choose a field in line with your career goals

Comprehensive lab facilities

Energy and Materials Lab

Students in the first to third years take the Energy and Materials Experiments class in which they get both theory and practice in physics, chemistry, and life sciences, and in various energy technologies. This gives them the foundations for understanding advanced manufacturing.